Hello, my name is

Bala Peterson


I love humans.
For 20 years I built with:
Words & Code & Pixels.

Today, I accelerate
Individuals & Teams towards
Cohesion & Health.

About Picture

You are here for one of two reasons.

Either someone sent you here,
or you met me and you are curious.

I have good news.
The Good News

I help in one of 3 ways:

People want Transformation.

I coach individuals and teams to develop Relational Intelligience... which all starts with self awareness.

Using the StoryBrand framework.

I clarify your message with words and actions that sell.

Design & Videography

The assets you need for a campaign in a compelling and beautiful form of art.

With my dear friends, LoneCricket and Ashley Tomasko
My specialty is to deliver clarity (not certainty) for people who have something compelling to say like Kyle, Krista, and Dr. Mumin. I even tried to do this for an entire continent with my best friend Obi.

I've solved difficult problems at companies as large as Comcast and Santander Bank, a local cemetery, a radio station in Lancaster county, and for audiences as diverse as Berks Community Media, the Reading School District, and Spring Valley Church -- ask me about all of these.

I am captivated by the efficacy of the Enneagram as a tool that brings clarity to your inner and relational world.

The Enneagram of Personality is a model that expresses the human psyche of individuals via the typology of nine interconnected personality types. Take a Free Assesment ⟩

As a Certified Enneagram Expert, we can work together to illuminate your motivations, fears, and desires,
so you can make better decisions and get better outcomes.

I work with individuals one-on-one, and I can help teams of people become more cohesive.
[i.e. I train people to grow in self-knowledge, empathy, and productivity.]

"The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives."

~Esther Perel
Let's go deeper!

Using the Enneagram:

I am understanding myself better.
1 / 10
I am understanding my wife and children better.
2 / 10
I am hearing and discerning the internal voice versus my inner critic.
3 / 10
I now have an Ego Reduction Tool.
4 / 10
I can better assess business partners and opportunities.
5 / 10
I am making better strategic decisions.
6 / 10
My courage is growing to address difficult relational issues.
7 / 10
I feel less misunderstood...
8 / 10
... because I am learning to communicate my desires often and clearly...
9 / 10
... in ways that are better received by those I care about.
10 / 10

I want this for you!

But first, let me clarify some things...
Coaching is not Therapy.
  1. Please note that I am not a therapist!
  2. My work is future-oriented. I walk beside you, providing feedback and expertise as we move towards your goals.
  3. A therapist is trained to use therapeutic techniques to assist in the healing process of past events, wounds, and trauma.
  4. I can help explore why you think, feel, and behave in particular ways, offer observations and a plan to move forward from the current state.
You might need me if you are in transition between:
  1. Individual Contributor ⇔ People Management
  2. Generalist ⇔ Specialist
  3. 9-5 job ⇔ Entrepreneurship
  4. Romantic or Business Partners
  5. High-school & College ⇔ Workforce
  6. Private ⇔ Public exposure
Are you feeling the pinch of a career without feedback, context, and professional development?
My Plan for you

Sample Sessions

Initial consult is always free!
Roadmap for emotional and relational health
A high-level introduction to a set of tools for understanding yourself and those around you.

For Individuals and Couples, this ~1 hour presentation can be given in-person or remotely via Zoom.

For Teams, this Overview (and all of Phase 1 below) can be delivered as a 2-4 hour workshop with provided workbooks.

*If you do not need a dedicated guide like myself, you can start with a self-paced online course: For Individuals or Couples

Phase 1 - Discover
Core Motivations
Communication Styles
Conflict Activators
How to get along
Phase 2 - Explore
In Stress & In Security
Relational Tendencies
Childhood Messages
Hidden Side & Defense Mechanisms
Phase 3 - Transcend
Telling a new Story
Develop your Personal Brand

"The cave you fear, holds the treasure you seek"

~Joseph Campbell
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