Hello, my name is

Bala Peterson


I love humans.
I build things with:
Words & Code & Pixels.

About Picture

You are here for one of two reasons.

Either someone sent you here because you have a complex marketing and/or technical challenge,
or you met me and you are curious.

I have good news and bad news.
The Good News

I help in one of 3 ways:

Using the StoryBrand framework

I clarify your message with words and actions that sell.

Design & Videography

The assets you need for a campaign in a compelling and beautiful form of art.

With my dear friends, LoneCricket and Ashley Tomasko
WordPress & HTML/CSS/JavaScript for web and native.

The tools you need to engage with your audience.

My specialty is to deliver clarity (not certainty) for people who have something compelling to say like Kyle, Krista, and Dr. Mumin. I even tried to do this for an entire continent with my best friend Obi.

I've solved difficult problems at companies as large as Comcast and Santander Bank, a local cemetery, a radio station in Lancaster county, and for audiences as diverse as Berks Community Media, the Reading School District, and Spring Valley Church -- ask me about all of these.

If you need help, you might run into someone with a narrow skillset who sells solutions in a box, or someone who sells smoke and mirrors.

I am neither.
The Bad News

I am currently not taking on any new engagements.

My volunteer bandwidth is consumed as Chairman of the BCTV board, as well as my appointment to the Board of Directors for the Berks County Community Foundation.

On a daily basis, I work to provide insights into the experience and performance of HBOMax.com as we strive to delight our customers.

Previously, I was fully engaged at Fenix Group International, trying to provide contextual insight to life science companies by providing competitive intelligence, primary and secondary research, all built on an emerging tech stack which leverages all the buzzwords (AI, ML, VR, etc.) built on the Google Cloud Platform.

However, I am interested in connecting and building relationships, so please reach out and let's talk.

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